Introducing Smart Driving License with Dual-frequency “RAINFC” products

We are living in an increasingly intelligent and paperless world. It is time to update our Driver’s License into a Smart License. This will make it more efficient for enforcement to obtain information, but more importantly will protect drivers so that in case of severe injury, emergency workers can access health information. By accessing health information, appropriate directed care can be provided, and lives can be saved.

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Smart Card

Smart Driving License is a revolutionary product that is set to change the face of traffic management forever. This smart card employs the industry’s best practice to provide comprehensive, reliable, and scalable traffic management services, supporting innovative ideas to take shape in terms of ideation, development, execution, and creating value to a better society. The solution to traffic management system for ever growing need of modern cities, this product has efficient, affordable, and environmentally acceptable solutions for sustainable traffic requirements. It also helps in reducing traffic certified drivers and coordinating emergency responses, in no time waste.

This innovative product is designed to help you become a safer and more responsible driver. With features like our high-quality service, reliability, and flexibility in Traffic Management solutions, the Smart Driving License is sure to make you a safer driver.

The Smart License will consist of the following:

Original Driver’s License information (Authorized only by State Government)
Vehicle registration (API Integrated)
Car insurance information (Can be up to date by User, and API integrated)
Personal health information (Can be up to date by User, and API integrated or any Certified EMR)
Major medical problems Medication list Allergies Health insurance (Can be up to date by User, and API integrated)
Big Data

In our increasingly connected world, the need for data and connectivity is increasing at an exponential rate. The Internet of Things (IoT), big data analysis and AI are just some examples of how businesses are using connectivity and data to improve their services and processes. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at how traffic management companies can leverage the power of IoT, big data analytics, AI, blockchain and other emerging technologies to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. Learn more…!

The Smart License is meant to save a driver’s life by giving GPS position(Mobile App) if the driver is unconscious and critical medical information. The information will be stored securely in the cloud. Original driver’s license information, vehicle registration, as well as, dynamic violations as found by traffic authorities can only be added or edited by the appropriate department, i.e., Department of Motor Vehicles. This will give another layer of security.


Smart License will also have personal Details; when there is an emergency or accident, anyone in the line of sight use the smart card with NFC (Near Field Communication) and get details of the driver and inform his family or medics.
Online portal will be provided to drivers to update their data online. They cannot update DMV or traffic authority information, only update vehicle registration, insurance and health information.
GPS will provide driver’s location. The driver can turn on feature while driving and turn off when no longer driving. This will enable emergency services to locate vehicle in case of emergency.
The license will be inbuilt battery powered.
RFID – Each license will have a unique identification number to access database from anywhere. NRZ - Non-Return to Zero (NRZ) Encoding. Non-return to zero encoding is commonly used in slow speed communications interfaces for both synchronous and asynchronous transmission. NFC - Near Field Communication would enable the card to communicate with a reader wirelessly. The data will be in an easy to read format. GUID - Global Unique Identifier would enable the smart card number to be unique in nature including the documents stored in the card. MRZ, Machine Readable Zone.

Block Diagram (Demo)

Big Data
External memory card is used to store data or documents as the flash memory of IC may not be sufficient.
External memory can be embedded later in to the card at production stage, which won’t change any dimension of card.

Traffic violations are:

Non wearing seat belt.
Mobile phone use while driving
Parking enforcement.
Bus lane violation.
Wrong way violation
Red signal violation.

Optimizing Your City’s Traffic Infrastructure

The constant increase in traffic volume is affecting our daily life physically and mentally, leaving a negative impact on the environment. Upgrade traffic management solutions improve traffic routing and emergency responses.
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Paperless TMS (Traffic Management System)

The smart-card reader and its application has been designed to intend a paperless traffic management system.

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Easy Access Driver Information

The Traffic Police and Admin authority can access driver information easily with secure medium and reader device.

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High-End Data Security

The data of the driver, COP and admin authority highly secure. That will store on the cloud and inside the card. It gains access via Reader Device and mobile app.

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Long-Range Smartcard connectivity

The card and the reader device have the ability to communicate from long range. Traffic officials can easily access the data from the distance of 100m(3ft).

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Easy User Experience

With a single touch and login credentials, the user’s complete vehicle history, DL, insurance, medical history, and insurance can be retrieved at any place, and any time by the COP.

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24/7 Customer Support

Our team is providing support 24/7 over and physical presence as per requirements.

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Helping to improve the quality of Life

We enjoy trust and recognition through our service delivery, quality, and reliability. Prepared to go the extra mile, to be flexible in the Traffic Management solutions we provide, and make sure road-users be safe & accident free. We do this through ensuring the best quality service, assets, and communication in our delivery.

Smart Card – This card will be connected securely to a cloud-based database.

Smart-Card and Reader Features

This device is designed concerning the traffic authority perspective. During this process, the authorized traffic officers can extract the driver’s data from a 100m range, verify, and take necessary measures during fraudulent cases. Its capability to extract and process data is higher, accurate, and faster compared to other existing modules. Additionally, this entire process is cloud-enabled. During instances where a user met with an accident or violated traffic rules, respected traffic officials will be provided with an option along with credentials to update the information in the database.

This smart card also comprises an antenna and other options. It will allow traffic officials to customize the network range, which further helps to limit power usage. Its low power consumption and flexibility increases the durability of the module and minimizes frequent maintenance requirements.

The UID number of the card reader is unique in nature, and it does not match with other reader machines. Its smart card sensing, and operation principles are further divided into two categories, namely direct mode, and buffering mode. In direct mode, the data sensed from the smart card by the reader will be directly uploaded to the host machine in real-time. In buffer mode, the data which are requested by the host machine will be sensed and stored.

Traffic officials will be provided with a smart card reader to access the data with a 100m distance range. Unique credentials are provided to login and update during fraudulent, misuse, and driving violation cases.

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Radio-frequency identification

A unique RFID tag is deployed in the smart card which can store, read, and write data. A unique identification number helps to access the database from anywhere and retrieve data for verification. It allows help to retrieve or sense data from a long distance without connectivity issues

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Near-Field Communication

With integration of NFC in smartcard, it yields higher communication range along with an efficient two-way communication. It also helps to easily sync with mobile applications and reader device in a user-friendly, and effective manner.

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Machine Readable Zone detection

This detection module enables users with a faster approach to scan/process the URL and update/store information in the database, without any network lags. It can be easily integrated with the smartcard reader or the mobile application.

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Unique Color QR code

The person’s image in the smart DL is designed in such a way that it itself acts as a unique color QR code. When it is scanned through the mobile application, it will lead to the login page of the secured web URL where the individual can log in, upload/update the data.

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100 meters Driver Data identification

Available drivers in the 100m(3ft) range will identify and reflect on Police Dashboard in the Reader Device. The quick information of the all available drive will show in the Device Dashboard.

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Faster & Accurate Driver Data Access

Due to the SmartCard and Centralized database the driver details can be access quickly and accurately.

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Completely Paperless for Traffic Officials

The SmartCard, Reader, Application and overall system is specially developed for paperless access for Traffic officials as well as driver tracking. In addition the all documents related to vehicle and driver like RC, insurance and etc. can be in the database cloud.

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Versatile Mobile Reader

This device is designed concerning the traffic authority perspective. During this process, the authorized traffic officers can extract the driver’s data from a 100m(3ft) range, verify, and take necessary measures during fraudulent cases. Its capability to extract and process data is higher, accurate, and faster compared to other existing modules.

How it works

Create Environmental and Safer Journey by Leveraging Cutting-edge SmartLicense

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Traffic Officials

The police are hardly consulted in matters of road engineering though it affects smooth flow of traffic in a big way. The biggest challenge in traffic management is the absence of traffic police officers which causes traffic snarls. Empowering smart card technology can help traffic police to detect theft, detect over speeding. Monitoring accidental incidents. Identify Wrong-way vehicle. Stopped/over speeding vehicle in roadway within a range.


Smart cards offer intelligent navigation that can optimize the traffic flow on the roads, cost effective improvements in safety about traffic flow on the roads thus solving gridlock in cities, Reduces the number of accidents as well as fatalities. Drivers will need to be notified of when they need to slow down, when lanes will merge, and when the road will get narrower. While it is obviously not safe to speed through a construction zone, it will provide drivers with ample warning about slowing down before entering the work area.

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Many commuters opt to stay away from busy congested roads, leveraging citizens with a Smart Traffic System can save their time and make the city even smarter. Aims to achieve traffic efficiency by minimizing traffic problems. It enriches commuters with prior information about traffic, local convenience real-time running information, etc. which reduces travel time of commuters as well as enhances their safety and comfort.

Data Upload / Update

Depicts a pictorial model of the data upload process by placing a smart card behind the mobile. It also shows that once the card is scanned, it is getting redirected to the login page. As explained above, the user will be provided with a smart mobile application to upload/update the data. Once authorized organizations issue the smart driving license, the user should download the mobile application and login through the confidential credential details. The smart card should be placed behind the mobile and scan the unique QR details. It will push to the unique URL and cloud-enabled website. The user will be provided with a numerous option to either upload/upgrade the document.

App Screen
App Screen
App Screen
App Screen
App Screen
App Screen
App Screen
App Screen
App Screen

Wearables Data

Physiological Mechanics of Pulse Rate Estimation, Activity Classifiers, Heart Physiology, Clinical domain expertise.

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